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At Cambridge Support IT our aim is simple: to get you and your business up and running again in the shortest time possible.

What you do:

Call us now, ask for technical support and explain your problem to one of our friendly engineers. We are available from 8-6pm, Monday to Friday.

What we do:

We get you out of the hole as quickly as possible.
Remote Technology
Remote connection technology allows us to solve IT problems over the internet. With your permission, we can temporarily connect to your PC or server and externally fix problems for you. Once we have dealt with the problem the connection will be automatically severed afterward, ensuring total security for your systems.

Provided that you have an internet connection, this technology is available to any computer user. Simply log on in the helpdesk section of our website.

We estimate that around 75-80% of problems can be fixed remotely.
  • If you still have an internet connection one of our technical engineers will be able to remotely connect to your machine and get the problem sorted.
  • If you can’t get on the Internet, we will quickly establish whether our help is needed onsite and if so we can have an engineer on their way in no time.
How we do it:

Once we have understood your problem we will endeavour to give you an accurate quote for the whole cost of the repair.

Remote connection fee: 70 for the first hour. 17.50 for every 15 minutes thereafter.
Call-out fee: 100 for the first hour. 70 for every hour thereafter. *

We are available for call outs in Cambridge, Bedford, Bury St. Edmunds, Colchester, Peterborough and surrounding areas.

*There is a minimum support cost of one hour.

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